Jessica Williams, jazz pianist, composer

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For those interested in putting on smaller events such as house concerts, soirees, etc, see house concerts




2 RETAINER FEE: a mutually agreed-upon sum, payable by personal or corporate check, to be received at least one month prior to performance. See also standard contract

3 AIR TRAVEL: unless the proposed performance venue is within a one hundred mile radius of Jessica's home: one round-trip first-class ticket on a major airline, finalized only with her approval

4 VITAL: Eight Litres of spring water at airport pickup. Fiji (my favorite), Icelandic, Evian, Poland Springs, Volvic

5 HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: quiet, non-smoking room for 2 nights for one performance. Hotel must be clean and quiet, provide hair-dryer, cable TV, shower and bath, large comfortable bed, room service

6 GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Car, Limo, or Van transport between hotel and performance(s) venues; pick-up and drop-off at airport an absolute necessity. No buses, subways, trains, cabs


Also Required:

1 Grand piano, tuned before the concert. My first piano choices: Bosendorfer Imperial King or Steinway D. Second choice: Steinway B. Third choices: Steinways of different sizes and model numbers. Yamaha C7-F, Petrof, Schimmel, other grand pianos may be acceptable, only with middle pedals. Soft pedal must work. See contact about different pianos and what the criteria are

2 Absolutely no uprights or digital pianos

3 Artist has full artistic control over program, choice of compositions, length of playing time for each tune, and other artistic matters such as piano mics, position, setup, etc

4 Artist will have full transportation provisions, whether the concert venue is one block from the hotel or across town from it

5 One switched talk microphone, preferably no boom stand. No piano microphones or monitors except when acoustically necessary

6 Agreement as to the sale of CDs at intermission or after performance. CD signings are encouraged

7 An area of solitude where I may rest before and after performance, absolutely non-smoking

8 A supply of mineral water, regular water (see above for types) and other nonalcoholic sugar-free refreshments, plus specified natural organic non-GMO foods in that area

9 No analog, digital or other sound or video recordings to be made without my written permission

10 No flash cameras during performance

11 No smoking or drinking alcohol



Jessica Williams' Standard Contract:

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