Jessica J Williams, jazz pianist, composerJessica J Williams, jazz pianist, composer

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Above: I play "The Sheikh", a tune I wrote for the great bassist Leroy Vinnegar

Performances 2014 - 2016

I am now starting to book a few concerts for 2014 through 2016. Send email or leave phone number at 1 518 364 6398

Something new is coming. A new music with new meanings and new vision. The operative words for my life are now: FLOW. CHANGE. ASPIRE.

Into the future, flow with adaptability and grace, create a flow around you and within you—flow with a new world that is very little like the one to which you have become accustomed. Flow with the current of the Golden Path, and post vigil so that you do not act or make decisions based on obsolete assumptions or out-dated conclusions.

With every moment comes change. Change is movement and movement is Life. The Universe is change. We are in the Universe as the Universe is in us. Embrace change, make it a sacred act. Your thoughts and belief-systems can stifle or inhibit change. In the new world as in my new music, change is the central theme. Used to the old ways? Well, ways change.

And always aspire to be more than we are. I aspire to be a better woman, a better person, to become more perfected, more effective, more helpful and kind. To aspire is to participate in the incredible experience of being fully human, alive, and present.

My music now takes its form. It has no walls, no boundaries, no rules, no belief-systems. Working on movie scores using computers and keyboards has opened my even mind farther. There will never again be roadblocks of any kind. Where a note falls portends the next note. Styles integrate and mix together like a soup. A brew. My music is liquid. Whether I play alone or form a new band (called FLOW, perhaps) the music I make will not have been heard before, and it will change every time. The music will aspire to set a tone and convey a message: that all humans are ONE, that all of us ARE Nature, and that all of us a reliant on each other and the Earth for our very lives.

No performances in early 2014: Please donate to my spine surgery recovery fund using Paypal or my PO Box- see details here | Hopefully I will be able to perform by mid-2014. Lumbar 3-level fusion w/ pedicle screws, rods, and autograft bone infusions from my pelvis. See pictures of my insides, too - well, x-rays, MRI's and CT scans. Plus new CT videos of my spine. To all of you who have helped, 'thank you' doesn't do it. My next CDs, all of them, will be dedicated to you. PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN . . . I've had a great "career" so far (having worked at nothing but playing since I was 4), but these are also my "sick-leave years". I am not done. I'm just healing and changing my life. Thank you for all of your on-going help.


Played a house concert in Seattle, solo piano, on May 17, 2014. It was unlike any other concert I've ever done. It was not about me. It was a perfect example of art in the form of community. Filled with flow, change, and aspiration, filled with human diversity and truth-tell, complete with sharing and open hearts and minds. No judgments by neither myself or anyone else. It pointed the way to the new music and a new life in this new world. I did not play even ONE jazz lick. (This is probably why I can't find work.) Contact me here


No scheduled performances. See more


arrowSteinway Performance Space at Sherman Clay Pianos, January 7, 2012, Saturday at 7pm, all ages welcome, Jessica Williams, Solo Piano Concert, artist reception and CD signing following performance. Sherman Clay Pianosnew window, 1624 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 - call 206 622 7580 for reservations

arrowBirthday #64: Jessica Williams' "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64new windowConcert" - Jessica's Birthday Concert, March 17th, 2012. On Saint Patty's Day, the same day that Nat King Colenew window was born. Jessica Williamsnew window, Solo Piano Concert. Invitation only, all ages welcome, Seattle, WA area. Contact Jessica for reservations and information. (This was my last concert, followed by months of preparation and agony — and culminating in this)

arrowL4/L5/S1 cage-fusion - lumbar (lower) spinal surgery on July 25th, 2012 followed by "The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul" (thank you to Douglas Adams for that). Details, MRI plates, videos, and DONATIONS here



Above: Jessica plays at Brecon (Wales) Festival, photo courtesy BBC . . . video here


arrowHouse Concert, March 5th, 2011, 7pm. Jessica Williams, Solo Piano Concert. Invitation only, all ages welcome, Seattle, WA area. Contact Jessica for reservations and information. More about house concertsnew window

arrowHouse Concert, March 19th, 2011, 6pm. Jessica Williams, Solo Piano Concert. Invitation only, all ages welcome,in Bellevue, WA area. Contact Jessica for reservations and information. More about house concertsnew window

arrowHouse Concert, June 6th, 2011, 6pm. Jessica Williams, Solo Piano Concert. Invitation only, all ages welcome,in Bellevue, WA area. Contact Jessica for reservations and information. More about house concertsnew window

arrowIncreasingly disabled due to lumbar lordosis/scoliosis, pain makes performance impossible. Begin to lose renal function. July 25 2012 have cage fusion surgery with pedicle stabilization. Last 2 performances in 2012 studies in pain management and short short concerts.

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arrowThe Triple Door, Main Stage, Sept 4, 2010, a Saturday evening, one show, Seattle, WA, Jessica Williams, solo piano, Celebrating her two latest releases for Origin Arts, TOUCH, and The Art of the Piano. The Triple Doornew window, 216 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101. $25. Call 206 838 4333 for reservations. all ages welcome

arrowThe Seasons Performance Hall, Yakima, WA, Sept 24, 2010, a Friday at 7.30pm, Jessica Williams, solo piano- two shows - Jessica premieres her new compositions. Don't miss Jessica's special concert, her first in many years at this acoustically astounding and architecturally impressive converted church. Yakima's finest musical venue, The Seasons Performance Hall, 101 N. Naches Avenue, Yakima, WA 98901 - Tickets, call 509 453 1888 or 888-723-7660, email, or visit their web site new window

arrowThe John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC 20566, December 11, 2010, 7.30 & 9.30pm: NPR's Jazz Piano Christmas. Featuring pianists Jessica Williams, Helio Alves, Renee Rosnes, and more. The Kennedy Center, 2700 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20566. Tickets and Information: 800-444-1324 or 202-467-4600. all ages welcome

arrowSteinway Performance Space at Sherman Clay Pianos, July 24, a Saturday at 7pm, all ages welcome, Jessica Williams, Solo Piano Concert: Get Back to the Garden!, artist reception following performance. Sherman Clay Pianosnew window at 1624 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

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arrowPerformance Archives of past performances here

Where she's played (a small sampling):

Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival (twice), Art Tatum Jazz Festival, and Piano Summit (twice) at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz (three times) at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Merkin Hall and Carnegie Hall NYC, The Royal Festival Hall in London, Campbell Recital Hall at Stanford CA, Sheshlow Auditorium in Iowa, Spoleto Jazz Festival in SC, Duke University in Durham NC, North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, Telluride Jazz Festival in Colorado, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, Seattle Jazz Festival, West Canada Jazz Festival, Wigan Jazz Festival in UK, Norway's Molde Jazz Festival, Italy's La Spezia Jazz Festival, Bern Jazz Festival, Japan and South Korea for Fujitsu's 100 Gold Fingers, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Anacortes Jazz Festival in WA, Healdsburg Jazz Festival in CA, Ireland's County Cork Jazz Festival, Brecon Jazz Festival in Wales, Gateshead Art Centre in UK, Darlington Arts Centre in UK, Steinway Performance Space in Seattle WA, Jazz Alley and Triple Door in Seattle WA, Bimhaus in Holland, Domicil in Germany, most major festivals in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland. Plus the Reno Jazz Festival, The Boston Pops Musica Viva, Marin Center for the Performing Arts, Mendocino Music Festival, Great American Music Hall in CA, Cotati Jazz Festival in CA, Russian River Festival in CA, Keystone Korner in CA, Yoshi's and Kimball's in CA, Kuumbwa Jazz Center in CA, Spivey Hall in GA, New Morning in Paris, Art Hall in Santander Spain, Detroit Art Museum, San Jose Art Museum, SF Art Museum, War Memorial Hall in CA, Blues Alley in Washington DC, Lush Life in NYC, Mill at the Pier, Wigan UK, University of Warwick, Coventry UK, Central Library, Portsmouth UK, San Sabastian in Spain, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival in OR, Stanford Jazz Piano Series in CA, Calgary Jazz Festival, Medicine Hat Jazz Festival, and Edmonton Jazz Festival in Canada, Port Townsend Jazz Festival in WA, Rosza Center in Calgary Canada, Concert Hall, CSU in CA, Cheltenham Town Hall in UK, Swansea, Taliesin Arts Centre and Gateshead Central Library in UK, Dundee, Scotland Festival, Jersey, Channel Islands, many others here

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Notes from Jessica

"For information about how to bring me to your city or town, you don't need to be a seasoned music promoter. It may even be preferable if you're not! Some of my finest, most artistically successful musical experiences come from playing private concerts in people's homes and private venues. Also, I'm available much more easily now for similar dates in the UK and the entire EU, as well as in the US and Canada." See complete information on Jessica Williams House Concertsnew window


Booking Jessica Williams

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