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Nov 17, 2017

jessica - alicia 2018

The picture is of me a few months ago, late 2017. You can see it in my eyes: it ain't over yet.

My life has been pretty cool so far. I love being me, I love my husband, and I love my life.

Anything that happened, I set up with my own intentions. I built my own life. I'm responsible for what happened in it, and what I make happen in the future.

I learned never to live according to other's opinions. Who are others to say who I am?

We have to let go of the old if we want the new to be allowed in. It's finding more in less.

Over time, we make attachments. Habits. Even bad ones can last a lifetime!

We drown in our own attachments!

It's hard to let attachments go, but if you don't, you'll never be fully alive.

You'll get stuck living your boring past over and over and over. There's no fun in memories. They're not real. They happened and then they stopped happening.

It's the past. Get over it.

Write a book about my life? Are you kidding? I have a new life to live.

All of the boring people who think their life is SO important . . . they write books. Let them. I'm not going to read any of them.

Below is a picture of me just a few years ago.

Rockett Raccoon

Be warned. I've changed.

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one race

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Nov 10 2017

jessica 2010

Donations for a piano for me are welcomed here, or you can buy my music here.

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July 20, 2017

jessica - alicia 2018

When I died in back surgery, something changed in me.

Technique and speed at the piano were not only less attractive, they were not possible.

I am not Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is. We hope. She was great!

And I am NOT a Raccoon, either. Got it, bad guys?

I read Deepak Chopra, and he tells me that I can live another 50 years. I am willing to accept this, with one slight change: I won't ever die.

Chopra and I, we rock.

I had to find courage way down deep and remember that there are worse things than dying, such as living on one's knees or in a constant fear of exposure, ridicule, and unfathomable violence. That's over.

I am not who or what I was. It's different for us all now.

There's only one me in the entire Universe. Or at least in this Galaxy.

I'm incomparably, unreservedly, unapologetically ME with a capital 'Moi'.


Who, Moi?

And you are incomparably, unreservedly, and hopefully unapologetically YOU!

Grow with it.

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Dec 7 2017

This can save lives and promote change. It's very very important:

Changing Her Tune: How a Transwoman Claims A New Identity Through Voice by Katharine Stoel Gammon, B.A. Anthropology Princeton University, 2003

The human voice is an important indicator of a person’s gender. For male-to-female transgender individuals (or transsexuals) the voice is one of the most difficult parts of the gender transition. Males have larger and heavier vocal apparatuses (larynx and vocal folds), which generally produce a lower sound. Transgender women can have voice surgery, but it can sometimes cause a Minnie Mouse-like falsetto or the complete loss of the voice. As a result, many transgendered women turn to specially trained voice therapists to learn how to speak more convincingly like women. The voice’s pitch, although important, is not the only factor in creating a more female sound. Intonation, resonance, volume, speech patterns and formant frequencies also play significant roles in making a realistic feminine sound. There continue to be many unanswered questions about how listeners perceive the voices of transgender women and how best to blend the voices of transwomen into a comfortable range. Transgender women have many hurdles to face as they transition from male to female, and possessing an authentic voice is a way to smooth out the bumpy path they face. Read more