Jessica Williams, jazz pianist, composer

The New Music Initiative

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Every serious musician is faced with a choice: either play for the rest of one's life for little or no money, under conditions not conducive to creativity, or become conscious, empowered, self-directed, and free to express the most brilliant facets of one's gifts. This Initiative is part of my own answer to the difficulties of making Art and Music in the real world.

Growing a business teaches you a lot. It teaches you that success only comes if you deeply desire it and work for it daily. It's not something that magically just happens. And you must LOVE what you do and be willing to go through the rough spots as well as the smooth ones!

To achieve any lasting success, artists and musicians may need to rely less on the power structures within their industry and more on their own self-direction, taking control of more and more aspects of their professional lives, working harder and in different ways to achieve their goals.

Years ago, the great John William Coltrane had a similar vision, and worked towards the same goals for the presentation of his own incredible Music.

John ColtraneHe remains my light to this day, and I strive to present this great American Art Form in the best possible environs, with the deepest and most heartfelt dedication and humility.

My business associates and I are gathering information now, renting our own halls, sponsoring our own concerts, and forging an entirely new mode of operating, a new way of presenting and sustaining the Music in this very different time.

I'll be on the lookout for venues seating anywhere from 100 to 400 people, with a grand piano on-site, and reasonable rental fees.

It's fine if it's a predominantly "Classical" venue; this is American Classical Music. Churches, Community Centers, Art Centers, Jewish Centers, and University Halls are included in our plans, as are private homes

(We'll want venues where this Music can flourish, free of the drinking, smoking, and general unpleasantness of the nightclub atmosphere.)

I'll also be working to present more House Concert and Soirees; these are incredibly fun for myself and the audience. Small is sometimes better.

A home with a nice piano and room for thirty or forty people can be turned into a small concert hall for an evening. I presently do many of these all over, predominantly in the US.

Any information that you can find and send us will help us and the Initiative immensely in realizing its goals and establishing a broader base of support among communities of musicians and listeners alike.

I thank you for supporting my Music in particular and Jazz Music in general, for all these years, and, by helping in this endeavor, you're helping The Music survive, and helping me to carry forward this most important work of my life.

Venue mailto:jjw1948@gmail.coms

We need the information,, phone, name of Department Chair or those who manage hall rentals (all preferably with an on-site grand piano in good repair; or venues included in but not limited to those listed below):

This site is dedicated to John Coltrane, Glenn Gould, Elvin Jones, Mary Lou Williams, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, and all who have devoted their lives and their souls to Music. "I want to be a force for good. I know there are bad forces here that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the force which is truly good." - John Coltrane