Jessica Williams, jazz pianist, composer

Piano Music by Jessica J. Williams

  • "Jessica Williams is one of the greatest jazz pianists I have ever heard." - Dave Brubeck
  • "Jessica is a beautiful player." - McCoy Tyner
  • "The most important pianist to arrive since Bill Evans." - Alun Morgan, Gramophone
  • "She has the rare ability to draw listeners into her private musical world and hold them there, enthralled." -Dave Gelly, The London Observer
  • "Jessica is a powerful virtuoso, a brilliant solo player, and a 'giant of music', consistently brilliant." - Scott Yanow, The All Music Guide
  • "Nothing short of brilliant." - Sidney Bechet-Mandela, JazzUSA
  • "A vibrant force on the contemporary music scene." - Rolling Stone
  • "In a word, she's a monster. Her technical mastery is equaled by her swing; her power matched by her dexterity." - Geraldine Wyckoff, Downbeat
  • "Her style and technique embrace a very original combination of wit, grace, introspection and white heat." - Harvey Siders, JazzTimes
  • "She is simply a pianistic force of nature that will not be denied." - C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz
  • "I will say on record that I think she is the finest pianist of our time. And her records are, bar none, the most consistently immaculate and for your hard-earned dollars, a Jessica Williams album is a no-brainer" - Fred Jung, All About Jazz
  • "Jessica is utterly magnificent . . . the most poetic of all living jazz pianists." - Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News
  • "This is easy. Jessica Williams doesn't make bad records." - JazzNow, Lawrence Brazier
All Alone Live at Yoshi's Vol 1 This Side up Jessica Plays Touch Freedom Trane Songs of Earth Billy's Theme

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Jessica plays her composition "Love and Hate"

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