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As I mentioned, I had a three level lumbar fusion on my spine and now have lots of screws and rods and other metallic parts put inside me forever and ever. That was not and continues to not be fun.

But I think that the most depressing thing that has happened to me in many, many years is just this:

I no longer get paid any money for my music sales. If you don't buy them from me, I get zero pennies. Honest. I can't make this stuff up. Perhaps you read about the huge corporate "war" for our copyrights and our ownership of our own creations. We are now known as "content creators" and have been sold out by Congress, ASCAP, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and many thousands of other on-line stores.

I wake up very down some days. It's hard to realize I have put 50 years of my life into this music, just to have Wall Street and various millionaires and billionaires become fat and rich on my (and many other's) profits. Having written 350 tunes, and released over 70 CDs, all of which continue to sell well, I feel that I should receive something. If you can't believe what you're reading, see this page for a LOT of information about this horror of horrors. There are now so many articles being written about this copyright infringement frenzy that I have simply stopped collecting them.

I no longer think of these negative things.

So, if you buy my music, you may buy it from corporate thieves here, here, and everywhere else, or buy here from me, Jessica Williams - JW, Oct 24, 2013

Update 2016: see here

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