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Q. How do the Limited Editions differ from the General Releases? Are they as good as the mass-produced kind of cd?

A. Some might say they're superior to them in that they are hand-crafted, have exactly the same audio quality, and are not shrink-wrapped. I write and play the music. I do the recording, the mixing, even the covers and liner notes myself. I usually wind up assembling them, with some help from staff. I sign and number them. Each Limited Edition takes much time and great care to produce. They are exact digital duplicates of the masters; each copy is first generation. And they are totally unique, each and every one


Q. The postage is costly. You have free shipping and no tax. Any exceptions?

A. Outside of the USA, including Canada, orders must be for at least 3 or more CDs.

Q. Do you have a guarantee?

A. Yes. We offer a FULL REFUND for any purchase that is defective or with which you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason. Period. See our policy here

Q. How safe is it to use my credit card?

A. As safe (or safer) than any large, corporate store.

Q. How long will it take to get my cds?

A. We send out your order within 7 to 10 days of receiving it. Overseas, allow 10-14 days. Outside of the USA, including Canada, orders must be for at least 3 or more CDs

Q. Why buy Jessica Williams cds here?

A. If you buy my cds here, I get paid. If you buy from any retail, brick and mortar, or on-line source, I receive no money at all. See reasons to buy here


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We have no log-ins, and use no passwords. We do NOT SAVE your private information. We save nothing except our financial records for tax purposes.

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We GUARANTEE your satisfaction. We have been in business since 1997, selling Jessica's beautiful music to people in China, Japan, the UK, Nova Scotia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, the USA, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Australia; we are proud of our service record.

This site is coded, updated, designed, and owned by myself, Jessica Williams. It's a wonderful way to get my Music to my fans and friends, and to get paid for my work, something that does NOT happen if you buy my music anywhere else on the web. This site sets no cookies, and contains no illicit language or content, nor does it have annoying pop-ups. This site asks for no donations, promotes no political agendas (other than peace and harmony), and is completely advertisement- free, except of course for the promotion of my Music. This site puts you on NO mailing lists and it NEVER shares your information with anyone ever, for any reason, not ever.

This site is dedicated to John Coltrane, Glenn Gould, Elvin Jones, Mary Lou Williams, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, and all who have devoted their lives and their souls to Music. "I want to be a force for good. I know there are bad forces here that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the force which is truly good." - John Coltrane