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Below, a video of the operation I had . . . I had three levels fused. Imported video posted on YouTube at

Below, my most recent xrays. Click thumbnails for larger view

ap erectlateral lean forwardlateral leanbackside erect 2side erect

Procedures Performed:

Below: View showing pedicle screws, cages for bone grafts. Posts are radiolucent (not visible)

anterior view

Many more slide, CAT stills, MRI's and Xrays here. Skip text to see all pictures

Below: Pre-op (before surgery). Click photo to enlarge

Disc DegenerationDark discs are flattening, herniating, causing nerve painMRI of my Scioliosis

Click to enlarge. Above: Dicom MRI images from First Hill Diagnostic Imaging. L5/L4 compression and degradation (plate1) and my scoliosis, lordosis (plate3) and disc deterioration (plate 1). The middle plate shows the "seepage" of L4 and particularly L5, and the pressure placed on the dura, which is what causes the pain and increasing morbidity. Without intervention, organ damage, incontinence, and full motility loss can occur. See the photos below for the surgery that saved my life. These are my personal images.

Below: Post-op (after surgery). Click photo to enlarge

anterior postlateral post

Click to enlarge. Above, 2 post-operative views, the first showing me from the front, with pedicle screws and PEEK bone cages and other "instrumentation. Slide 2 shows the left side, and the perfect alignment of screws and hardware (instrumentation). Between the screws are steel rods which are radiolucent and thus invisible to xray. Notice increased space between vertebrae. These are my personal images.

Below, a CT scan of my own spine, from a CT Scan done Dec, 2012. Notice stainless steel pedicle screws, bone infusions (show as thin white lines: titanium PEEK cages). Rods are radiolucent (not visible)

Below: later anterior view, CT, Mar 30. 2013

anterior view

Below: lateral view, CT, Mar 30. 2013

anterior view, CT

Personal progress reports are now here

Report: Nov 2nd, 2013: It's important to think positively, to not allow the pain-pathways time to "set". Most of these pathways are in the cord itself and in the brain. It does not mean that it's "all in your head" . . . it means that pain is a mind-body experience and that controlling it and working through it is far better than fearing it and "guarding against" it. That guarding behavior just makes pain . . . more here

Personal progress reports are now here

Click here for Surgical Report recorded during surgery, including findings, problems, solutions, and processes

Click here for latest CT imaging and movies of Jessica's post-operative spine, progress reports, etc.

What did the surgeon(s) do? Exact details here

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