The Band at Yoshi's

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Jessica Williams at the piano, Ray Drummond on bass, and Victor Lewis on drums

I'd like to thank everyone at Yoshi's in Oakland for making our trio date there a walloping success. Our host there, Peter Williams, is a gentleman and a staunch supporter of our Music.

And, to all of the beautiful people at Yoshi's for these nights: thank you for completing the Circle. We are truly ALL ONE in this Music. Ray Drummond, Victor Lewis, and I express our deepest gratitude for your presence and your spirit. Jazz Music lives to the extent that we embrace the art-form, and to the degree that we honor and revere those who have gone before.

Yoshis One

Ray Drummond

We stand in the shadow of Giants, and we play from the Source, which is the vast River that feeds our Life-force and nourishes our souls.

The sheer physicality of the Music, the visceral and organic whole that rises out of the earth leaves us breathless with its beauty, and we are left contemplating the beauty and truth of our own lives.

I am very lucky to be me, and so blessed to be among such friends.

Victor Lewis, Ray Drummond, Jessica Williams






















Victor Lewis, Ray Drummond, Jessica Williams