The Rebirth of America

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Paul Simon said it. "These are the days of miracle and wondernew window" and they sure are! For those who pine for the "good old days", the Xanadu you crave won't be found here.

paul simonWe're now living the reality of the bomb in the baby carriage wired to the radio, the boy in the bubble, the automatic earth, the loose affiliation of millionaires and billionairesnew window

It's a new world now, and it's scary. It's bigger and it's smaller, it's more evolved and it's more barbaric, it's more what we want for our lives and it's more of what we fear the most!

But it can be a great just means we have to change the way we think, the way we relate, the way we communicate, the way we DO things...and we have to believe in ourselves and our individual missions with all of our heart and soul.

We are watching and participating in nothing less than the Rebirth of America, and we EACH make a difference.

Here's what I mean:

Al Gore took a failed run at a presidency that he really probably won anyway, and, instead of focusing on how corrupt and unfair the system is that denied him the prize he sought, he went for the objective that was closest to his heart, and deepest in his dreams. Gore followed his heart, he followed the lines. He's built an entirely new coalition, a new life, and a new purpose for himself and his supporters on this earth. He's not a failure at all, and he turns failure into success with every breath he takes. He just received the Nobel Peace Prizenew window for his work on climate change, and he makes a difference.

We need, each of us, to LEARN that and DO that. That's not something that comes easy to a lot of us "thinkers".

We are wont to opine, "it shouldn't be this way"...

Well, we can opine until hell freezes over but it IS this way. We can wish for the sky to turn purple, for money to grow on trees, or for any number of anomalous events, none of which are likely to occur anytime soon.

OR, we can take the obstacles ahead of us and study them, and learn how they work, and reach beyond them, and create a new world that's based on a system that doesn't even allow those obstacles to flourish.

If I see a concert venue that I want to play, I'm not going to go to a person who has a reputation for being a human wall, a person who calls himself a promoter of music but who is really a promoter of himself...I am not going to go to him and try to convince him to "hire" me.

I am going to rent that venue myself, and put on that concert myself, and get paid for that concert myself, and use the money to improve the lives of those around me and those who depend on me and those who need my help the most.

I am going to create a venue where before there was a wall, a vacuum, a failure. That's this world, and that's just one key to this world.

I think I'm on to something. It's called the Next Big Step to me. Whatever it's called, I know this: We're not going to go forward by stopping it, whatever you want to call it. We are going to go forward by embracing it. We're going to love our neighbor. We're going to DO the right thing, no matter how much it may hurt.

We're going to take our beliefs and our past and our present and we're going to turn them into a future that includes creating a planet that is safe and hospitable and welcoming to every single living human being.

That's the goal, and that's the mission.

If I get a little preachy about this, it's because it has become an understanding for me, something that gives my life more meaning, more power, and more purpose. It has more to do with personal ethics and values than it has to do with political or philosophical thought.

It's a personal discovery and a very intimate voyage, and yet it embraces the entire planetary experience. Every life can be touched by this, and touched in positive ways. Because of this, there needs to be common sense, and there needs to be moderation.

This is not the world I knew. But it IS the world I live in, and, assuming I'm not just dreaming all this up, it's your world too. So I intend to give. And grow, and play piano, and write tunes, and love, and do my job. Not a lot different from what I've always done, but a lot different in how I do it.

"The way the camera follows us in slo-mo, the way we look to us window