Marion Hayden

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marionMarion Hayden, acoustic bass

Born in Detroit, MI, Marion Hayden is one of the nation's finest proponents of the acoustic bass. She creates a rich, dark tone and a very advanced rhythmic concept.

Classically trained, she honed her skills in private studies at the prestigious University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and the many jam sessions in Detroit's various jazz clubs.

An accomplished composer and educator, Ms Hayden is bass instructor in the jazz department of Tri-C College, Cleveland Ohio, and is on faculty at the U of M School of Music.

She has performed or recorded with such collaborators as Marcus Belgrave, Roy Brooks, Kirk Lightsey, Ralph Peterson, Kenny Burrell, Regina Carter and James Carter.

Wow, can this woman play! -JW


Click here to HEAR her on her myspace page.

Check out "Mr Kenyatta" in particular. All of the cuts are hot, rooted in the tradition, and burning like mad. She lays down a deep song of power and emotion: she IS this music.