Mel looked like Jesus!

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To really put the pot to a boil: according to the latest anthropological data available from the University of Oxford in the UK, and according to a Discovery Channelnew window special I watched recently, so we're not talking hard science here, Jesus may have looked, and I quote, "a little bit like Mel Brooksnew window"

No jokes; this is exactly what the scholars and researchers deduced from geographical, anthropological, archeological, and reasonably substantiated theoretical data. This is British Science, of which I stand in awe.

Of course, it's just hypothesis and conjecture with more than a dash of that winsome British flair that I've come to love, but it's for sure He didn't look like Rutger Hauernew window...and that's probably a really good thing.

Mel Brooks

Now there's a face anyone could love, a divine face, a nice face, a face for the agesnew window. So, in the TRUE spirit of Christmas, and yes, of Hannukahnew window I add:

"May the Schwartz be with you" - from Mel Brooks' marvelous remake of Star Wars, Spaceballsnew window

Remember the opening screen-crawl?