Jessica Williams, jazz pianist, composer

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(You chose to escape.)

I'm not on Facebook too much. I was addicted. I have come to prefer the real world.

My YouTube channel is herenew window

My Wikipedia pageis herenew window

I love that I am who I am. I love that change is the natural state of being in this Universe, and across the Multiverse. Stephen Hawking rocks.

My blood-tests came back totally clear, the best test results I have ever had. I am a happy girl.

I continue to grow and change. I even fell in love and I married him recently. He's my third and best husband — I'm lonely no more.

I look like this. I don't look 70 because I don't feel old. Deepak Chopra puts an average lifetime for an unstressed, unpolluted human at 150-200 years. Stephen Hawking was supposed to die at 22. He's 75new window now. I am going for 106.

I was a prodigy. I played piano quite intelligibly at age 3. They gave me a Guggenheim. I played all over the Northern hemisphere. I lived in many cities, some in the EU, particularly Copenhagen, Denmark. I became popularnew window and released 85 CDs and 6 LPs, starting over 40 years ago. All under my own name, as leader or soloist.

I played with many innovators like Tony Williams and Stan Getz, and even one concert with Miss Sarah Vaughnnew window

My iTunes page is herenew window — I think — and my Amazon page is here . . . I get no money from either of them. They are corporations who think Citizens United is a pretty cool idea.

All the critics were very nice to me from the beginning.

I treat my body with great respect. It carries my soul. I eat healthy. I sleep well. I love being alive! I love being. And I embrace positive change by becoming.

"Becoming is superior to being."Paul Klee

Praise the lord and pass the lard.

"There are no atheists in foxholes!"

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