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Saturday night, Sept 17, 2016 In my nightgown, sitting at one of my Macs. I have two HD Samsung screens and two Mac Pro's. Not MacBooks. The ones I have weigh 50 lbs. apiece. One from 2007 and another from 2012.

They need shrinking.

My husband Duncan is sleeping in the bedroom.

I'm sitting here making useless code.

Pictures ahoy. Here's me looking totally weird and phony, sitting in front of my NU1 Yamaha, an unfortunate invention that calls itself a "stringless piano". I'm sorry, but there's no such thing.


I'm pretty beat. We went to Fred Meyers today (a big-box store common to the Northwest). We just kind of hang out there. I look for skirts but they never have the right length — either halfway up my thigh or halfway between my knee and ankle.

Then we got a gallon of organic cow milk and drove home. I've been drinking tons of milk lately.

We stopped at Starbuck's, smiled a lot, laughed a lot, kissed in the parking lot.

We're very romantic. We hold hands often, and he likes me to take his arm. I adore this about him. He opens every door for me, including the car doors.

I think everyone can tell that Duncan and I are madly in love.

We celebrate 29 years together in just a few days.

A selfie of Duncan and I at the computer:

Duncan and Jessica

I'm 69 in March 2017. He's 67 soon. We don't care anymore about unimportant things and negative people. We feel sexy. Life (or art) without sex? It doesn't exist. The haters will hate and the negative will negate. But "Our Love is Here to Stay."

I'm young, still. I love life so much.

We make miracles by following our hearts. Every action, every deed, every good thought spreads throughout our Universe and makes ripples that create incredible possibilities.

me again

This is before gravity attacks me.

And in the backyard —


I rediscovered my life when I found love with Duncan. He changed me as I've never been changed.

more to come


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Friday night, 1am, Dec 30, 2016. Just a few hours until 2017

It's going to be a good year. I feel it.



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