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June 12th, 2017

My husband Duncan is sleeping in the bedroom.

I'm sitting here making useless code.

We stopped at Starbuck's, smiled a lot, laughed a lot, kissed brazenly in the parking lot.

We're very romantic. We hold hands often, and he likes me to take his arm. So do I.

I adore this about him. He opens every door for me, including the car doors.

I think most people can tell that Duncan and I are madly in love.

We celebrate 30 years together in Sept 2017.

A selfie of Duncan and I at the computer:

Duncan and Jessica

He's 67. He's an ex-cop and has a Master in Art History (MFA).

He really is a great artist. I feel that we both have had a rough time in life, but we are not complainers.

We don't see any reason to carry all that baggage around with us. We forgive and forget.

So the past seems nothing more than "stills", photos of a time that is unchangeable.

And our memories are often faulty. So we move on.


I do what I can. After coming out as being born with A.I.S. and having the trans experience on LinkedIn and Facebook, my career ended, and it's good that it did.

I couldn't get any work, and now I am okay with it.

I didn't take the politics and religious mania seriously enough, I guess. Tthe few friends I have will always be there, and an audience too, but the powers that control this world, the music agents and promoters, they are afraid that I would hurt bottom-line ticket sales and some of their more "conservative" investors.

Aw, poor babies.

So I simply forgot about them. I do everything myself, and I am doing them my own way now.

We do not make magic or miracles by focusing on who did what, why, how, along with "Show me your PAPERS!".

We make miracles by following our hearts. Every action, every deed, every good thought spreads throughout our Universe and makes ripples that create incredible possibilities.

me again

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Feb 22 2017

Language is not enough. Love IS.

Duncan and I have watched Arrival again. What a movie!


My favorite pick for 2017.

It's not about what you may think.

No war. No guns.

Just the nature of time, the mysterious aliens, a bargain, a meta-language, and overflowing love throughout eternity.

The Aliens, Abby (Abbott) and Costello.

Heptapods. Nine arms.

And a lovely language.

Please consider seeing it.

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Apr 8 2017

Too busy right now. Good things. When I can take a rest. Love J

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