Fantasias and Adagios

newFANTASIAS AND ADAGIOS - Extemporaneous Solo Inventions for the Pianoforte - Jessica Williams, composer, 7-foot Concert Grand Piano - Dedicated to the memory and the mastery of Glenn Gould - THIS ALBUM IS AVAILABLE: BUY

1 Fantasia #1mp3 - 6:54

2 Fantasia #2 - 6:03

3 Fantasia #3 - 10:27

4 Allegromp3- 3:17

5 Adagio #1 - 3:18

6 Adagio #2 - 4:48

7 Adagio #3 - 6:30

8 Andante #1 - 2:57

9 Fantasia #4 - 5:23

10 Adagio #1 - 5:41

11 Finale - 4:52

1:00:18 total time. Recorded Feb 18 and 19, 2007, at Red and Blue Studios

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itemThis is a JW Limited Edition™ CD, assembled by Jessica herself, signed and numbered by her; learn more here

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itemMon, 3.26.07: "Jessica, we are giving this to a friend who is working on world peace in the anticipation that it will help give her strength to continue her work. We, my wife and I, treasure this album and feel that something life changing must have inspired you. Words just don't work here..." - Robert ___

itemLiner Notes by Jessica Williams

Contemplative Inner Dialogue. For me this is a form of prayer and meditation in which I humbly seek to pass beyond mental images and concepts, and enter into a direct experience of the divine. That it is increasingly accessible to me is both a Burden and a Gift. Seeking Peace and Perfection is an inward endeavor for me, but I bring these things back with me to share with you. - Jessica Williams, 2007

Red and BlueRecorded direct to 2-track digitally and mixed in analog format by Jessica Williams in her home recording studio. Meticulously and lovingly transferred to Taiyo Yuden error-free hard disc by Jessica herself. One of the finest-sounding recordings you will ever purchase.

Cover photos from a video by Tim Tyler. All compositions are published by JJW Music© ASCAP and copyright-protected by the Library of Congress and the copyright laws of the United States. Reproduction without consent is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.

Red and Blue™ Recordings is a Jessica Williams Company

Dedicated to the memory and the mastery of Glenn Gould

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